Leaders of VNR receive and sign memorandum of understanding with foreign enterprises

Ngày đăng: 07:28:06 03-04-2017

When the 5th ASEM was held in the early of October in Vietnam, many foreign enterprises who accompanied chief of states had working visit and signed memorandum of understanding with Vietnam Railway Corporation (VNR) on October 7, 2004. Present at the receiving ceremony were Doctor Nguyen Huu Bang, Director General of VNR and other representatives from relevant departments.

* Alstom Corporation (France) was led by Mr Patrick Kron, head of the corporation. Mr Bruno Hatt, representative chief of Alstom and other members informed Mr Bang of the working program on signing co-operation report of upgrading Ha Noi - Vinh signalling & telecommunications system, the second phase with the Vietnamese Government.

* Siemens Corporation (Germany) - led by Mr Elmar Schulze Wehendarf, Sales & Railway Electrification Project Manager surveyed railway electrification development possibility of Vietnam and promised to train 2 experts in this field for VNR. Mr Bang highly valued the goodwill of Siemens.

* Systra Construction Consulting Company (France) - led by Mr Michel Cornil; head of the company; Mr Luc Vorilhon, Asian-Pacific Marketing Director and other members informed Mr Nguyen Huu Bang of being long-standing partner of VNR, continuously bringing into full play the achievement of joint-venture projects (4 tunnels at Hai Van mountain pass) and training rolling stock maintenance experts in France.

Systra’s head said that there would be larger-scale investment projects of the French Government into Vietnam railway sector; of which Systra has been a reliable partner.

* The Chinese Railway Construction Corporation, Administration No 6; including Mr Lo Kien Quoc - the chairman of management board, Phung Cu Bao - Vice Director General of the corporation and other members; was warmly welcome by Mr Bang and representatives of VNR. In the spirit of mutual understanding and close co-operation, the two sides exchanged views on mutual concern. On this occasion, Mr Nguyen Huu Bang received the invitation made by Mr Lo Kien Quoc to visit the corporation in the coming time.

Reporter (Railway Newspaper No 672)