Ho Chi Minh City finishes pre-feasibility study for Metro construction project

Ngày đăng: 07:13:03 03-04-2017

A pre-feasibility study for an investment project to build two metros in Ho Chi Minh City at a cost of US$ 795 million has finished.

The two subway lines with a total length of 20.594 kilometres will be built along two corridors of high traffic density: the North - South railway line (M1) and the East-West railway line (M2). Both M1 and M2 will start at a common station on Ham Nghi Boulevard.

M1 will have 11 stations, including nine underground stations, an elevated one, and one on the ground. M2 will have five underground stations and six elevated ones.

The Metro system will be capable of carrying 73.73 million passengers a year in the first stage, and 203.67 million passengers a year later.

Of the total investment of US$ 795 million US$ 20.93 million or 26% will be for ground clearance. The city's budget will provide 30% (US$ 238.5 million) for the project and the remaining investment will be loaned by the German government, a Chinese railway construction group, the Austrian government and German banks.

Work on construction of the railway lines is expected to start at the end of this year and to be completed in 2008.

Reporter (www.nhandan.com.vn)