International train number changed

Ngày đăng: 07:14:58 03-04-2017

The international train number between Nan Ning (China) and Dong Dang has just been changed from T905/906 into T875/876, so that Bejing – Nan Ning – Dong Dang – Ha Noi train number and via versa are T5/T875/M2 and M1/T876/T6.

The itinerary of even train from Nan Ning – Bejing is shortened by 48 minutes while that of M1/M2 international trains remain unchanged. M1 departs from Ha Noi station at 6.30 pm every Tuesday and Friday, M2 arrives at Ha Noi at 8.10 am every Tuesday and Saturday. Each train has 68 berths

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