Applying new ticket price for North - South trains

Ngày đăng: 07:11:27 03-04-2017

From October 1st 2007, Vietnam Railways will apply new ticket price for all North – South trains. According to that, ticket price for SE3/4 is from 640.000 to 965.000 dongs; SE1/2 from 630.000 to 955.000 dongs, SE5/6 from 618.000 to 942.000 dongs, TN7/8 from 467.000 to 894.000 dongs; TN3/4, TN5/6 from 453.000 to 868.000 dongs; TN1/2 from 400.000 to 580.000 dongs. Ticket price of SE1/2, SE3/4, SE5/6 doesn’t include money paid for meals. Ticket price for extra seat is 0.8 times of the lowest ticket price of that train. Insurance fee is 500 dongs/passenger

Luggage fee on North – South trains (including VAT) is 60 dongs/ for regular commodities and motorbikes; 160 dongs/ for bicycles and 240 dongs/ for electric vehicles. The minimum luggage ticket price is 5.000 dongs

Vietnam Railways